Weekly Family or Friends Night
120 min - Group - Indoor - Outdoor - Repeated
Weekly Family or Friends Night
Weekly fun Skype/ Zoom sessions or a Netflix Party can help those who live away from their loved ones.
Having strong and supportive family relationships is very important for your mental health and well-being. Part of building a strong family foundation is to have fun with each other as often as possible.

How to do it

Social distancing has made many people miss all of the group activities we’re used to, like watching movies with friends, but there is a way to do it online. Netflix Party, a Chrome extension, lets you watch videos with your friends or family and chat together at the same time. Or you could just Zoom or Skype with your closed ones. Keep it simple and focus on having good and meaningful conversation. Here's a link that can help you throw the perfect Zoom party or you could use Houseparty, a live video app that is trending these days. Here's how to use Houseparty

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