Understand your Love Language
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Understand your Love Language
The Love Languages describe the way we feel loved and appreciated. Depending on our individual personality types, we may feel loved differently than how others do.
There are 5 Love Languages, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. Each one is important and expresses love in its own way. Learning your partner’s and your own primary Love Language will help create a stronger bond in your relationship.

How to do it

Understanding the love languages, can help you understand the expectation of your partner and connect with them based on a "love" language that they understand.

The 5 love languages are as follows:

Words of Affirmation - This Love Language expresses love with words that build up your partner. Verbal compliments don’t have to be complicated; the shortest and simplest praises can be the most effective. Acts of Service - This Love Language expresses itself by doing things that you know your partner would like. Cooking a meal, doing the laundry, and picking up a prescription are all acts of service. They require some thought, time, and effort. Receiving Gifts - This Love Language isn’t necessarily materialistic. It just means that a meaningful or thoughtful gift makes your partner feel appreciated and loved. Something as simple as picking up a pint of their favorite ice cream after a long work week can make a huge impact. Quality Time - This Love Language is all about undivided attention. No televisions, no smartphones, or any other distractions. If this is your partner’s Love Language, they don’t just want to be included during this period of time, they want to be the center of your attention. They want their partners to look at them and them only. Physical Touch - Nothing is more impactful than the physical touch of their partner. They aren’t necessarily into over-the-top PDA, but they do feel more connected and safe in a relationship by holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc. Figure out your partner’s love language and notice how your relationship improves over time. Every month, reflect on whether you have focused on your partner’s love language. Also, take the time to let your partner know what’s your love language and if they are meeting your needs. Communication is very important, for a healthy, successful relationship.

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