The Retirement Party Activity
30 min - Individual - Indoor - Outdoor - Onetime
The Retirement Party Activity
Instead of visualizing what you would do, you think about what you would regret not doing.
Goal setting activities can inspire and motivate you, and you might even uncover a goal or two you hadn’t considered before.

How to do it

Visualize the following scenario: Fast forward a few years or so to your own retirement party. You’ve worked hard, held down a steady job and now it’s time to enjoy some free time. You’ve invited all of your close friends, colleagues, and family. You give a speech about all the things you’ve enjoyed in life and then someone asks: What do you regret not doing? Look back over your life and think about the things you wished you had done but didn’t. Perhaps work got busy so some personal travel goals got pushed to the side. Or maybe you never ended up going back to school to study that degree in creative writing you wanted to. Based on how your life is heading right now, you’ll probably have a good idea of what these regrets might look like. Now take each regret and rewrite as a positive. You’ve just created a list of goals to work towards.

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