Replace your morning coffee with matcha
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Replace your morning coffee with matcha
Good for your body, better for your productivity and easy on the caffeine, matcha green tea might just be the breakfast drink to end all breakfast drinks.
Subjected to a very specific growing and treatment process, matcha is more powerful than standard green tea leaves, serving up all of the health benefits of the traditional drink in a much more concentrated form. Offering all of the benefits of a coffee and then some, the powder looks set to take on the traditional morning drink for good. First and foremost, the green tea powder is known as a phenomenal source of antioxidants; high in practically every version of the chemical known to man, Matcha can help to ward off the development of degenerative diseases, protect cells and reduce the number of free radicals in the body. While coffee can produce a “high” in drinkers, the caffeine in the drink wreaks havoc inside the body, culminating in an energy crash which has to be supplemented by more coffee. Matcha, on the other hand, has none of the highs and lows of coffee. While it can mimic the effects of caffeine in the body, the powder does so without any of the nasty side effects, creating a more stable and calm sense of alertness in drinkers. Utilizing just a quarter of the amount of caffeine as coffee, matcha can help to sustain a better quality of productivity throughout the day, leading to an improved sense of wellness and health.

How to do it

Despite the extensive health benefits of Matcha green tea, it is not necessary to totally swear off coffee and make a hardcore switch. Ultimately, the body needs time to adjust to new and healthier appetite choices. For starters, it might be more prudent to drink a cup of Matcha green tea in the morning instead of relying on the caffeine spike.

Not all Matcha is created equal. Like coffee the term 'Single origin' means it all comes from the same farm and allows for better quality control. If you're switching from coffee to Matcha then go for a higher grade, at least at first, to help with the taste.

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