Read a Novel
10 min - Individual - Group - Indoor - Outdoor - Repeated
Read a Novel
Fiction is a uniquely powerful way to understand others, tap into creativity and exercise your brain. Reading everyday leads to happiness according to research.
A survey of 1,500 adult readers in the UK found that 76% of them said reading improves their life and helps to make them feel good.

How to do it

Find a moment in your day/life where you would like to introduce some peace and calm i.e. commute to work, lunch break, before you go to bed etc.

Identify this time, and instead of scanning your instagram feed or checking emails just one more time, try reading. It may provide some beneficial peace and calm, rather than feed into further ‘busyness’/stress.

Reading on a commute, lunch break, or right before bed are some of the best times. It is a wonderful way to press the pause button on work, life, and daily stressors.

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