Morning Yoga
20 min - Individual - Group - Indoor - Outdoor - Repeated
Morning Yoga
Practicing yoga first thing in the morning offers you a way to clear your mind and get your body ready for the day. Energizing poses, such as backbends and sun salutations, feature prominently in a morning session.
Yoga in the morning sets the tone for the day. It gives you time to set goals and reflect on the ways you'll deal with challenges posed by your family, friends and co-workers. If you can manage to squeeze in a practice in the morning, you're also more likely to get it done that day. If you practice before eating, you'll also benefit from having an empty stomach. Twists and challenging arm balances come easier when you're not competing with digestion. Early morning yoga regulates your sleep rhythm & balances your hormones. It also helps to build a healthy, consistent routine, and may boost your metabolism. It is a great caffeine alternative. Morning stretching prevents injury and achiness throughout the day.

How to do it

This yoga for waking up is a great start to the day—it gets the blood pumping and we get to stretch the parts of the body that tend to get tight after a long night's sleep. Note that, mind your breathing and really focus on listening to your body and what it wants while stretching out with the poses like “Downward Facing Dog”, “Standing Side Stretch” and “Tree Pose” helps to improve your body strength and energy level throughout the day. Yoga lengthens and stretches our tight bodies, preparing us for all movement throughout the day. For those of us that sit at a desk, yoga poses in the morning counter those hours we spend sedentary. Yoga increases spinal flexibility and encourages better posture. The poses we hold when we first wake up, will set our muscle memory into effect for standing taller and walking easier as the day progresses.

If you are new to yoga, there are various online virtual classes available.

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