Learn a New Language
60 min - Individual - Group - Indoor - Outdoor - Repeated
Learn a New Language
Studying a new language is known to have positive effects on the brain. Download the Duolingo or Babbel app and learn a new language of your choice.
Language learning helps develop strong cognitive skills, such as a better concept formation, mental flexibility, multitasking, listening skills and problem-solving, in addition to improving social interaction and encouraging connection between peers.

How to do it

  1. Download and install the Duolingo app from Google Play or iTunes
  2. Select the language of your choice, and follow the lesson plan daily.
  3. Once you feel that you have mastered the basics of the new language, join a language exchange program and test your new communication skills.
  4. You will also make new friends along the way and learn a lot about different cultures.

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