Create a Bucket List
15 min - Individual - Group - Indoor - Outdoor - Repeated
Create a Bucket List
Imagine you had only a few days to live, what would you do. Create a bucket list and state everything that you want - big or small - to achieve in life. Once you're done, review your list every week and keep adding to it.
This exercise helps you set goals that excite you and fulfil your purpose. Because when money is not an issue, we all want to do what matters. Suddenly day-to-day stuff becomes irrelevant. You choose to step into your passion and purpose.

How to do it

Take a piece of paper or jot it down on your phone. Review your list every week.

Tip: If you think in terms of things that are most important in your life and to your relationships, then your bucket list is more likely to be inspiring for you.

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