Cook a Meal Together
60 min - Group - Group - Repeated
Cook a Meal Together
Cooking a meal together is an intimate activity and it shows your partner that they have your support, your love, your backing. It promotes well being, positive growth and closeness within relationships.
There’s a tremendous amount of confidence-boosting and self-esteem boosting in performing an act like cooking for others. That lends itself to the psychological effects about being able to do something that you feel really good about. This in turn can help your relationships and wellbeing.

How to do it

Spend quality time with your loved one by cooking a meal together. Do this atleast once a week. Doing shared activities together can improve your relationship with your partner. If cooking is not your thing, then you can help your partner by either helping them prepare the meal or washing the dishes afterwards. Cooking for someone can bring a sense of closeness in that you’re expressing your love and your care for someone.

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