Clean Eating
30 min - Individual - Group - Indoor - Outdoor - Repeated
Clean Eating
The concept of clean eating is surprisingly simple: eat only healthy, whole, and unprocessed foods.
Clean eating is supposed to benefit the body by aiding fat loss and weight loss, increasing energy levels, increasing mental well-being and improving skin clarity, hair strength and sleep quality.

How to do it

If you’re thinking of going clean you don’t have to do it all at once. It may be helpful for you to ease into the process. Maybe start by eliminating the most processed foods and introducing the clean foods you would enjoy the most into your diet. As you introduce more clean foods into your diet, make note of how you feel. Note which foods seem to give you more energy, improve your mood, or just make you feel better overall. Many people are surprised by the difference whole, healthy foods make in their everyday life.

Another option is to try clean eating for 2-3 weeks and then start to slowly introduce those processed foods you love back into your diet and make note of how different you feel. Listen to your body and go with what makes you feel and perform your very best.

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